Caledonia Fairbank Flood Prevention Update

At the May 13 Davenport Today and Tomorrow Town Hall at Fairbank Memorial School, many shared their concerns regarding the devastating storm that took place last summer which resulted in many of flooding homes. 

As I previously committed, each year I will organize a meeting in the community to provide an update on the progress being made.

While some progress has been made and a long term solution is being implemented, it is apparent that we require more immediate action to protect the community in the interim. That is why today I sent the below letter to Ms. Barbara Gray, Toronto's General Manager, Transportation Services and Ms. Janie Romoff, Toronto's General Manager, Parks, Forestry & Recreation. This letter aims to address the immediate issue of storm drains being covered by garbage and loose foliage by requesting increased frequency of drain cleanings and a schedule of these cleaning to be provided to residents in the community.

As we work towards additional solutions, I hope this helps relieve some of the challenges you are facing with this issue. If you have further concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact my office by phone at (416) 392-7012 or by email at

In Community,



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