Bloor Street West Construction Beginning This Week

Starting this week, construction crews will begin putting out pylons and restricting traffic in order to prepare for construction on Bloor Street.

Construction will generally follow a loop, starting on the south side at Havelock Street, working westward towards Lansdowne Avenue. Then switching to the north side, from Lansdowne Avenue eastward all the way to Montrose Avenue. And finally back to the south side from Montrose Avenue westward to Havelock Street.


To speed up construction, the contractor will have two crews working 6 days a week.  The crews will focus on two blocks at a time.  This will minimize disruption to the businesses.  This method of construction has been successful on other projects within the City and due to the time of year allows the contractor to complete full sections of roadway (both sides) prior to proceeding on.  It should take an average of 5-6 days per block, weather permitting. 

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