Petition for Better Transit

As a daily transit rider, I know firsthand the challenges and frustration that many residents face on their daily commutes. That is why I have been working hard to improve public transit.


By working together, we have managed to accomplish:

  • Modernized Dufferin Station
  • Higher capacity articulated buses on Dufferin
  • Increased peak hours service on Dupont, Lansdowne and Dufferin bus routes
  • 3 SmartTrack Stations to serve our community
  • 2 new GO Stations at Bloor & Lansdowne and Caledonia & Eglinton

I am also proud to support these recent and new investments to make the TTC more affordable for riders such as:

  • Hop-on and Hop-off 2 hour fares
  • Kids under 12 ride free
  • Low-income transit pass
  • TTC & GO fare discount agreement   

But we cannot stop there if we are to build a fair, affordable and fully integrated public transit system for everyone in our community. That is why I am asking for your support in calling for additional improvements to make our daily commutes faster and more comfortable.

We the undersigned, petition the Toronto Transit Commission, the City of Toronto, Metrolinx and the Government of Ontario for:

  • The implementation of Dufferin Express Bus Service before 2021
  • Increasing capacity on the Bloor-Danforth Subway Line
  • Accelerating the construction of the Downtown Relief Line
  • New investments to reduce overcrowding on all bus routes
  • Full fare integration between SmartTrack and the TTC
  • Electrification of the Kitchener and Barrie GO Lines by 2025
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