Ward18 Talks: Artists and Cultural Spaces Feedback

Thank you to everyone and who participated in our Ward18 Talks Panel discussion and evening social on Artist and Culture Space in Toronto this June! Understanding the challenges in creating and retaining artist and cultural spaces in Toronto is vitally important to finding solutions which help to enrich the creative vibrancy of our neighbourhoods. 

I encourage you to also take a few moments to leave your feedback by completing the short survey below to share your ideas about how we can enrich the artistic vibrancy that defines Toronto's neighbourhoods.

1. Please rank the following on a scale of 1 (least) to 5 (most) in terms of how important they are to artist and cultural spaces in Toronto.

A. Ensuring tax mechanisms and regulations support cultural and artist hubs

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  • Sarah King
  • Tracy Forsyth
  • Craig Ruttan
  • Michael Fthenos
  • tyler kerr
  • Darren Neely
  • Teresa Santacroce
  • Emily Santos
  • Laszlo Nagy
  • Neena Folliott

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