30 km/h Speed Limit Proposal on Local Roads in the Toronto and East York District

On Monday June 22 at 6pm, there will be a special meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council where Councillors will consider a motion to reduce the speed limit from 40 km/h to 30 km/h on local roads in Ward 18 and across the rest of the Toronto and East York District. The meeting will be taking place in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

In order to view the full staff report on this please click here. In it you will find a wealth of data, information and statistics related to the matter.

If you would like to submit your comments to Community Council on this you can visit the Agenda Item page in order to request to speak or submit your comments to Community Council. Simply click the respective buttons at the top of the Agenda Item page to generate an e-mail that you can complete to do so. You can also register to speak in the meeting room before the meeting starts.

For more information on submitting comments or requesting to speak on this or any other item under consideration by a committee of Toronto City Council, you can visit this page as there is important information and specific steps that must be followed to do so.

You can also always attend these and any other meetings in person as they are public meetings open for everyone to observe. I encourage you to take part in the decision making process here at City Hall. 

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